Independent Graphic Design and Art Direction Services
Based in Portland, Oregon, Scott Erwert has been offering his independent
creative services since 2008. His professional background has touched upon
virtually every realm of the design discipline: client side, inside agencies
working with Fortune 500 client base, partner and co-owner of a
design studio, and presently as an independent creative contractor.

Hand picked by the VP of Marketing for Lucasfilm, Scott become Art Director
in support of promoting the film release of Star Wars Episode II. His work for the
brand was recognized worldwide in the form of everything from publications,
outdoor advertising, viral digital advertising, teaser posters, theatrical posters,
social media, websites, and even cereal packaging.

His re-branding and package design for Indio Spirits Distillery has been gaining
praise and attention from consumers, while more than doubling sales for the company.

Service Menu
Print design: books, brochures, annual reports, posters, logos, identity, retail
Digital: websites, animation, proposals/presentations, photo retouching/manipulation
Packaging: labels for the wine and spirit industry, CD/audio packaging (and tiny monkeys)
Real West
Mighty Media
NW Film Center
Art Explosion
Wine Passport
Lucasfilm billboards
Star Wars Celebration
Warner Bros
Kink Live
Kink Homegrown
Stampede Whiskey
Indio Vodka
Barrel Room Selects
Cricket Club Gin
Red Island Rum
James Oliver Rye
Alfaro Vineyards
couture cocktails
straub collaborative
Lucasfilm college campaign
star wars